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evr-architecten, BC Architects & Studies, Callebaut Architecten

Usquare is a unique historical site with iconic barracks used to serve the Federal Police. Being situated at the important transport hub of the city and close to the university campuses of ULB and VUB, the site is designed as a new university and city district.  
The project of Usquare represents a cohesion of social and environmental design. The site with seven historic barracks proposed to serve for universities of ULB and VUB and the neighbourhood of Brussels Region. It represents the pioneering project in the fields of research and sharing knowledge, international exchange, entrepreneurship and innovation. The proposed program includes the following facilities: 

– Temporary stay places for researchers, and offices and seminar rooms serve for the Brussels Institute for Advanced Studies.
– The Citizen and Participative Science Center host multifunctional areas and meeting rooms.
– International Reception Center hosting offices, meeting and multipurpose rooms.
– Student areas, offices and meeting rooms serving for an inter-university “Urban Research”.
– A sustainable food market.

The project representing a circular orientated construction is a laureate of the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 (EFRO – FEDER). It supports the development of the circular economy and displays the use of raw materials.

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