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Tomato Chili



Tomato Chili is an innovative concept for growing food in greenhouses. The greenhouses are designed, built and operated according to the principles of circular economy and functionality economy.
The studio focused on integrating the principles of eco-design; all designs of the greenhouses are modular, adaptable an biodegradable. For the materials Dzerostudio works closely together with the Tivoli yard in Brussels, which is located next to their workspace. For the construction of the greenhouses they recuperate wood from formwork, and glass from windows that would otherwise be thrown away. They bring the wood from the yard to their workspace where they let it dry there. The wood is then slightly remanufactured or altered if needed, so they can use it for the main frame of the greenhouses. For the glass of the greenhouses they disassemble existing double glass windows that they recuperate from yards. then they use the single glass to put in the wooden frame of the greenhouses. The greenhouses are constructed out of different smaller parts that can easily be transported and assembled on site. The greenhouses from Tomato Chili are 20 times less impactful than the traditional greenhouses made from plastic and aluminium.

Tomato Chili is not only limited to the production and the sale of the greenhouses. The greenhouses are made available in a service package that includes assistance with assembly and disassembly, maintenance, coaching to optimise cultivation, introduction of an exchange platform, sharing of experiences and good practices, etc. By doing this, they pass on the conviction that society and our generation are in tune with the transition to a different economic system based on more humane and sustainable values.

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