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Tuinen van Stene


The ‘Tuinen van Stene’ are situated in a historic polder landscape hidden between the job stores along the Torhoutsesteenweg, the Sint-Adreas Institute, the polder village of Stene, the open Snaaskerkepolder and 20th century residential areas of Ostend. The Gardens are a green oasis of 35 hectares and an example of a 21st century food, landscape and agricultural park.
The ‘Gardens of Stone’ consist of four parts: a biopark garden, a water meadow landscape (with the watercourse the Hendriksgeleed), an arable landscape (a zone for innovative developments in the field of urban agriculture) and a food platform where locally grown vegetables can be offered for distribution.The Tuinen van Stene are much more than a green space for local residents and other people living in the East. The park is a laboratory for innovative agriculture and agricultural education, but also a place for nature development, a place for relaxation and a special walking paradise. For example, you can walk and cycle along the biopicking garden, through the grazed meadows in the direction of Schorredijk and Stenedorp over a new bridge across the Province.
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