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Time Square

Making simple spatial interventions that led to huge impact is the genuinity of this project.
With the budget of $55 million, snøhetta’s redesigned uninterrupted and cohesive area of the square. The new design reinforced the square’s role as an outdoor space for entertainment, culture and urban social life. The change of high traffic vehicle-dominated streets into pedestrian-only public spaces was a great success, leading to important changes, such as:

• Increase in foot traffic
• Increase of revenues for local stores
• Decrease in traffic related injuries

These great results were made by simply changing the secondary streets into pedestrian plaza. This happened with the mayor Bloomberg, as he said “With more than 400.000 pedestrians passing through Time Square every day, the plazas have been good for New Yorkers, our visitors and our businesses – and that’s why we’re making them permanent.”

The new design implemented 13.000 square-meters of new pedestrian space to Time Square. It featured ten solid granite benches, as well as new two-toned custom pavers are designed with nickelsized steel discs to reflect the neon glow from the surrounding massive signs and billboards.

source: ArchDaily
images: ArchDaily, Architizer, New York City Department of Transportation (DOT)

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