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Substrate Factory Ayase



Sustrate Factory Ayase is a multi-purpose extension of the circuit board factory. An open wooden-structure factory is known for its adaptability and flexibility in use. It is located in a semi-industrial zone and has been designed as a highly-engaged space with the environment.  
The new extension of the factory is designed to provide multiple functions and support the active engagement of users. The ground floor area serves as a showroom and a multi-purpose space used by a local community. The building has an open wooden frame structure that allows the adaptation of different programs. Various elements such as movable wooden panels are modified according to different programs creating variations of space. Moreover, these elements could be easily renewed or replaced.  

The site is located in a semi-industrial zone consisting of factories and residential houses and the factory building is situated adjacent to a house. Although the connectivity between industry and living does not exist in the neighbourhood, the new factory extension is designed to build this engagement. So, the “open wooden-structure factory” providing space for the local community is expected to be an actively changing and lively building for the neighbourhood.

The building is designed with a method of parameter modelling which allows free handling of information. The method creates a possibility for the architects to simultaneously study the space aesthetically and structurally and achieve high precision in design.

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