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Kasvattamo Greenhouse



Kasvattamo greenhouse is a temporary installation raising awareness about locally sourced food and providing a prototype of urban farming located in vacant urban spaces. The installation has been constructed in the courtyard of the Helsinki Museum.  
This project responds to the many leftovers in the city. The urban voids are presented as potential spaces for growing food. By proposing a farming prototype for urban voids it was aimed to improve the quality of these spaces and create a self-sufficient and responsible model for food consumption.
With only 50 m2 the Kasvattamo Greenhouse engaged the citizens of Helsinki with the concepts of urban farming. In addition, the space is a multifunctional place for hosting activities such as an outdoor cinema, hangout space, workshop space and restaurant.
The structure itself is mimicking the plant’s life cycle as it kept growing with the plants. A modular scaffolding system is the core of the structure. There are also seats for reading or working surrounded by plants. Foldable tables and roofs allow the installation to be very flexible.
The pioneering project helps to understand the full potential of the modular system in a disused space. It could be used in all the neglected spaces in different cities, enabling people to grow food locally.


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