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Zuidas Prinses Irenestraat


Green Strip for Rainwater

The green strip is part of the contribution to the Rainproof Amsterdam programme. It will extend to a length of 80 metres all the way to Parnassusweg.

This project is part of a master plan of the Strawinskyhuis, a building in the neighbourhood in Amsterdam. The execution of the project is set to begin in 2021 and to finish in 2024.

The neighbourhood had an urgent need for more infiltration possibilities due to the large areas of hardened surfaces. The neighbourhood already contains a green strip that helps capture stormwater, but the new project will be extending this green strip to help capture excess runoff water to make sure it’s nog all at once discharged into the drainage system. The extension of the green strip will be to a length of 80 metres.

The main function of this green strip is to slow down the process of rainwater discharge. This is what the plants in the canals do, they form obstacles for the water. The water in the green strip will slowly sink into the ground and the water that still manages to get through will be discharged into the ‘Zuidelijke Amstelkanaal’ and the ‘Beatrixpark’.

This design takes into account the heavy rainfall on the one hand and the structure of the area on the other. The new plants in the neighbourhood give it more biodiversity in the very concrete surroundings of the Zuidas.


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