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KULEUVEN – Johan Martens & Tom Bosserez

New solar panels produce green hydrogen instantly.

After 10 years of research and development, researchers at Belgium’s KU Leuven University claim to be able to make hydrogen gas from moisture in the air with a special solar panel.

It took 10 years of development, but now up to 250 liters of hydrogen per day could be produced from water vapor from one solar panel. According to the research team of Professor Johan Martens, this is a world record. Twenty of these hydrogen-producing solar panels can provide a family with sufficient electricity and heat for a year, and hydrogen is an alternative to the central heating boiler.
Will we soon be heating with clean hydrogen gas instead of fossil natural gas?
KU Leuven and Fluxys launch The Solhyd Project to send hydrogen from solar energy into the natural gas grid to replace fossil natural gas. In doing so, they hope to reduce CO₂ emissions. In doing so, they are building on a pioneering solar panel that produces hydrogen, which they developed two years ago.
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