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Designed to be a dialogue between people, technology and its operational area, the Exqui.City integrates seamlessly into the modern urban environment and offers a truly exquisite way of travelling. 

The combines the flexibility of a bus with the efficiency of light rail. which means they can be operational under varying circumstances in a dynamic environment. They can be used as a replacement for busses and/or trams completely, as an addition, or as a preparational measure before a light railsystem is in place.

With the current situation everywhere around the world where newer, better and greener alternatives are being invented every few weeks/years, these can be used as a temporary measure as well. Not needing the large amounts of investment funds these are a cost effective and green alternative during the period when newer alternatives are being developed.

Designed to accommodate the latest and greener alternative propulsion technologies. With this flexible platform van hool confirms its experience in integrating new, more efficient and reliable technologies. Every configuration is driven by electric traction.

Multi propulsion platform allows the operator to choose the most optimal and realistic solution. The city characteristics and topography are important factors that influence the motorization of the Exqui.City.



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