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Vision for Utrecht in 2040



Vision for Utrecht in 2040 is a still developing, active project that aims to build a healthy and enjoyable city to live and work in. To achieve that goal, the project creates strategies for the city regarding nature inclusive environment, transport networks, sustainable energy, affordable housing and so.  
To provide a healthy and pleasant environment for the citizens that has a balance between built elements and nature, attention has been given to greenery and water. Already existing green spaces and waterways become a core for the plans to create greener streets and new parks.
Hubs that are created around Downtown Utrecht, shape new centres that have new homes, offices, and various amenities. Hubs are connected to roads and public transport networks. They make everyday needs and joys accessible and close to the homes of citizens. Moreover, by integrating and balancing housing, public spaces, greenery, roads, sports facilities, shops, cafes, schools, cinemas etc. barcodes for development are created. The idea of these barcodes is to shape smart and multi-purpose neighbourhoods where buildings function as a shop on the ground floor, as an office on intermediate floors and as housing for upper levels, where sports fields can also store water, where nature is close and reachable for all people.
To provide different and healthy options for transportation, clean ways as cycling or walking are prioritized and a transportation network connected to all hubs is developed. As this new network that spreads all over the city green landscapes are also stretched from the outskirts to the heart of the city. That allows people to walk, cycle or spend time in a healthy green environment and makes it resistant to climate change. Furthermore, to decrease CO₂ emissions, strategies towards saving energy and promoting sustainable power are developed.
An inclusive city is also among the goals of the development project. A positive environment where everyone can take part in society and feel welcomed is envisioned. Supporting affordable housing and education, integrated living spaces and located side by side different economic range housing are some of the strategies.

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