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Urban Village



Urban Village Project is a sustainable, affordable and attractive model of co-living developed by Effekt and Ikea’s research lab SPACE 10. Strategies towards shared facilities, urban farming, utilities, green space and finances have been introduced within the project.
The project challenges up-to-date issues such as rapid urbanisation, unaffordable housing, climate change and inequality. By reconsidering existing models of living and mentioned issues, design and research teams provided a new model.

For more sustainable and less CO2 producing construction, a modular wooden building system is developed. Being a prefabricated system, it is designed for disassembly. The life cycle of the building is organized based on a circular approach. Furthermore, the model is highly flexible and adaptable, so habitants can easily rearrange, add or repair housing units.

By introducing a circular financial model, it was aimed to decrease the entry point for the housing market and increase affordability. People with different incomes can afford similar, high-quality apartments. Moreover, the new model strengthens the relationship between the developer/supplier and the consumer.

Shared living is the crucial part of the Urban Village Project that encourages a sense of community. Residents can easily access all shared services and facilities related to harvesting, utilities, sports, etc. As a result, the proposed life model become more affordable, attractive and lively.



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