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Urban Metabolism


Gemeente Rotterdam, IABR, FABRIC, JCFO, TNO

The publication represents the results of IABR – PROJECT ATELIER ROTTERDAM – a collaboration between the Municipality of Rotterdam and IABR. The content of the publication has been exhibited during IABR (the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam) – 2014 – URBAN BY NATURE.  
Urban Metabolism is the project working towards creating sustainable and resilient cities of the future, through understanding urban flows and proposing urban strategies. It emphasizes the urgent need for a new city agenda, supported by analyses and new urban models, ideas and strategies.

The project aims to answer the following questions:

– How do the flows of goods, people, waste, biota, energy, food, fresh water, sand and air function in Rotterdam?
– What influence do these flows have on the quality of life in the city, and how do they relate to spatial developments?
– Can an insight into the metabolism of Rotterdam help us develop into a sustainable region? and what opportunities are there for a circular economy?

The publication has four main chapters. The first two chapters “Urban Flows For A Sustainable Urban Landscape” and “NineFlows Highlighted” explain and represent the urban flow analyses. “Four Strategies To Optimize Flows in Rotterdam” propose different urban strategies. The last chapter sums up the results and informs about ongoing projects to follow up.
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