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Tower Flower




The apartment building with giant flower pots is located in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. It is designed as a vertical extension of a neighbouring park and with an inspiration of typical Parisian plant boxes.
Tower Flower is a ten-storey building with thirty apartments. Three hundred and eighty potted plants on the balconies are the main characterizing elements of the building. These 1 meter high pots have been placed into the concrete slabs. Being fast-growing, resistant to low temperatures and wind, bamboo was chosen to be planted. Bamboo plants create natural shading, cooling and privacy for the residents and long leaves rustling in the wind produce a unique sound. The rainwater is collected and reused for watering the plants. The automatic irrigation system integrated into balustrades provides easy maintenance for the plants.

While most of the building is surrounded by greenery the northern side remains as a grey concrete facade. The architect aimed to contrast two types of facades to emphasize the living and attractive nature of the green one. The glazed elevator allows natural light to go inside the common spaces and provides a visual connection to the interior.



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