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The Power of Nature


Camille Brutsaert, Anouk Depaepe, Fien Dequeker, Heiderik Dierick, Stéphanie Fabry

For the future, it is very important that projects aren’t just “not negative”, they have to be more than that. They have to be positive by giving something back to the environment. Our project definitely gives something back. With the several interventions we do, we generate a lot of energy that can be used not only by the people on the Porre, but by people from the whole neighbourhood. Also, our building has with its moss facade an air-purifying function.

With our 417 geothermal drillings with a depth of 150 meters on the Porre, we can provide 417 households to be self-sufficient in heating and hot water (household). If we would need more energy to provide in the future, we can still expand on the NMBS-site. 
Another energy-generating intervention are our “wind trees”. These wind turbines that look like trees are implemented on the Porre but also on the NMBS site. One wind tree can generate 140 kWh per day, which is enough to charge 281 electrical bikes a day. They’re not only generating energy but they also give the Porre and its neighbourhood a specific identity.
We have placed solar panels on as many roofs as possible in the close neighbourhood. Not only on some roofs on the Porre itself but also on the roofs of the houses in the surroundings of the Porre, the roofs of the Facilicom site and on the roof of the building of team Materials, located on the NMBS site. All these solar panels can provide 3680 persons to be self-sufficient in electricity if they all comply with the 2000 W society.
We also implement solar roads, a pavement made out of PV cells that cyclists and pedestrians can use. These solar roads are implemented on the bridge of team Mobility on the NMBS site, but also in the streets of the close environment of the Porre. With these 14 923 m2 of solar roads, 54 persons could be completely self-sufficient in their way of living if they comply with the 2000 W society. The solar roads also help to create a specific identity for the Porre and its neighbourhood and are included in the urban detail.
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