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Taikoo Green Ribbon




The carbon-neutral tower designed by Arup won the Net Zero Ideas Competition. The tower is developed as a sustainable and resilient model that connects technology and nature. The curved PVs facade, algae walls, different energy systems, spread over greenery shape the high-performance building.
Being located in a dynamic city, the 230 meter tall tower does not only respond to the conditions of its site but also provides a visionary model for future workspaces. Green collaborative spaces create a network. On the rooftop, there is an open-air theatre surrounded by greenery, edible plants garden and kinetic energy pads while water-cooled gardens and plazas are placed on the lower levels. An open-air jogging path surrounds the tower and creates an alternative vertical circulation. Offices connected with collaborative spaces, both are almost entirely ventilated and receive the maximum amount of natural light, minimizing energy consumption. Automatic air induction and the AI-controlled Smart Envelope system support a microclimate of the tower.
The unique facade systems differ according to the needs and functions of interior spaces and exterior factors. Automated operable windows cover east and west facades. PV screens on the upper levels and 3D printed vertical fins on the lower levels serve as second layers. These perforated fins are made out of recycled plastic bottles and have different levels of porosity. Greenery rests in between these double layers of the facades. The south facade is shaped by solar tubes which can function as a meeting point, workspace, cafe etc. The MiC Solar Tube system and transparent curved PVs are used.
The design is highly flexible and adaptable for future scenarios. The use of advanced technologies, materials and energy systems helps the building to achieve carbon neutrality eight years after the construction.

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