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Seoullo Skygarden



Seoullo Skygarden is a transformation project in which a 938 meter long-existing overpass is redesigned as a green unique public park. Being located in the heart of Seoul, the new park contains an arboretum and various cultural and commercial spaces open to all citizens.
The initial aim of the architects, local municipality, NGO’s, landscape teams and other involved parties was to transform the existing structure into a green and lively environment that can also positively affect the image of the city centre. The transformation was achieved by overlapping public areas with Korean flora.

The Skygarden has 16 pavilions including cafes, small shops, gardener’s pavilions, foot baths and children theatre. These pavilions engage the citizens and create an attractive and vibrant atmosphere. With new escalators, bridges, elevators and stairs the connection between the city and the park was strengthened.

The variety of Korean flora creates the green identity of the park. 24,000 plants: trees, shrubs and flowers live and bloom here. Small gardens with different colours, scents and shapes are distributed on the linear structure. Plants are placed in alphabetic order and form an open-air encyclopaedia. Some species indicate two squares: the Rosa Square hosts concerts and performances and the Magnolia Square has an open-air stage and cafe.

The Skygarden became a green symbol in the middle of Seoul and a reference for future developments. The strategy used in the design highlights green public spaces, walkways, roofs and parking.  



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