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Material Lab




Material Lab is the project that connects production, education, housing, workshops and recreational areas. Designed in the light of three main concepts; sustainable and local materials, short-chain economy and positive waste, the project become a contemporary design that challenges up to date issues regarding climate and sustainability at the same time provides different spaces responding needs and joy of a 21st- century people.
Material Village system is based on a cycle comprising of four primary sectors namely construction, accommodation, business, education. While each sector has its cycle which contributes to the system loop that we are creating. A way of life in this village is designed that the material becomes a central part of the whole ecosystem. 
The main concern of the “material and waste” group is to explore sustainable local materials and the ways of using them. In doing so it is aimed to contribute to the circular and local economy of both, the village that is located in the industrial area and the city of Gent. 
The future of the village is foreseen to be constructed from only sustainable and local materials with good performance. Production of these materials should support the short-chain economy in the village as well as contribute to material and waste flows in the city. In addition to the material list that has been proposed for the whole village, reuse of the materials, structures and built elements is highly supported. 
Spaces are designed concerning the full cycle of materials’ life by thinking about their production, use, disposal and circulation. The warehouse is the place for re-manufacturing, assembling/disassembling and storing the materials. Workshop and education spaces contribute to the development of materials and their engagement with people. Materials with no specific function or second life scenario were repaired and stored for the resident of the village. Housing that works based on renting system and support co-living aspects are designed for disassembly and based on a grid system, integrates a number of proposed materials and creates healthy habitat for its residents.  

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