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London National Park City Foundation



The international movement of National Park City aims to create a greener, healthier and wilder London. All kinds of people from different backgrounds initiate the movement with a belief to benefit more from the city and improve the life of every London citizen.
In 2013 the movement was shaped around the idea of applying principles and purpose of National Parks to urban areas while in 2019 the movement became a reality after the signing of the Charter making London the first National Park City. The movement gained the support of more than 100 different organisations only in one year and continues spreading nowadays.
The National Park City movement aims: 
– To achieve better lives, health and well-being for all London citizens 
– To improve biodiversity, air and water in the city, and to provide healthy habitats for wildlife, trees and flowers 
– Provide high-quality green spaces for outdoor activities related to culture, art, playing, sports and eating 
– To promote locally grown food and responsible consumption 
– Strengthen the relationship between citizens and the nature 
– To influence citizens to share, learn, decide and work together 
– To promote London as a Green World City and inspire more cities to become National Park Cities

To achieve the goals of the movement the National Park City Foundation is taking action together with citizens, organisations and other interested people. The foundation which serves as a leader of the movement published an universal charter to present the movement while educating citizens with ways of following, acting and sharing it. Moreover, it continues to organise meetings and provide up-to-date sources.

Nowadays, the international movement is spreading over different continents. The city of Adelaide became the second national park city while 30 more cities are undertaking their own journey mentioned in the Journey book of The National Park City Foundation. The foundation works toward realisation of 25 National Park Cities around the world by 2025.
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