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Growing Up Pavilion




Growing Up Pavilion located in Hong Kong, shaped by collective memories of the city. The pavilion does not just host cultural and art events but also represents the local cultural identity via its design. As a result of the city observation, architects transformed and highlighted some elements like steps, walkways, roof and rainwater systems and palm trees. The sloped roof with the unique design is supported by timber columns that resemble growing trees in the park. Steps and the stage placed in the central part of pavilion represent the hilly topography of the city.
The design brings together various materials, scales and porosity levels in a way that a visitor can observe and feel the atmosphere in different ways. The north and south edges of the pavilion face the surrounding scenery. The perspective of a visitor changes via his/her movement when thin columns start to overlap each other and outline the view of the sea. The east facade is denser, a visitor coming from this side confronts the narrow alley directing to the waterfront.

“Just as the process of growing trees requires good soil, so the process of growing culture requires a strong foundation of collective memories of the city.” New Office Works 

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