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Urban Rigger




The floating student housing is located in the harbour of Copenhagen. A rapid increase in the number of students coming to the city created a need for affordable and attractive student housing. Architects developed a floating model that can revive the harbour area of the city and can be easily constructed in other harbour cities around the planet. By extending the city on the water, the design creates an opportunity for students to enjoy a calm atmosphere, sleep on the water and still stay near the city centre.
The housing unit mainly consists of nine standard containers, an inner courtyard and a rooftop terrace. Containers that are flexible in use also makes the design low-cost and locally available for harbours.

Nine containers provide space for twelve studios connected with balconies, stairways and the central area – an inner courtyard that serves as a meeting place for students. To make a visual connection with surroundings, containers do not totally enclose the inner space but are placed separately from each other in a triangular form. 

Roof surfaces are adaptable to different functions and design solutions. The roof with solar panels is placed to achieve more sustainable energy. The second is designed as a green roof and the third provides extra common space with a view. Warm interiors are dominated by wooden elements and ceiling-high windows allow maximum sunlight to enter.


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