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Bridget Joyce Square

The project, realised by Robert Bay Associations, helped transform a dangerous and ugly road into a beautiful, safe community space. At the same time, it helps to improve water quality and reduce surface water flood risk.
It’s occupying part of Australia Road, is located between a school and two playgrounds in the heart of White City. The previous road and parking formed a hazard for children crossing the road and made school drop-off and pick-up difficult.

• Improve water quality.
• High flood risk area because it is in the Counters Creek Sewer catchment.
• Ugly and dangerous street (crosswalk for children from school to playgrounds + not an easy school pickup).
• The loss of open space in the area when it floods.
• The large number of basements that have been built at the same level as the sewer system that floods with heavy rainfall.

Because of this, a storm relief tunnel is being built, but this will need to be supported by SuDS across the whole Counters Creek catchment. The measures included in the Counters Creek flood alleviation scheme were using pump appliances (= FLIP-devices), local flood control planning and SuDS (= Sustainable Drainage Systems).

The installation of pumping devices called FLIPs to protect individual basements and an enhanced gully and sewer cleaning programme to allow better drainage of rainwater.

Local planning will increase sewer capture at important points. This to reduce flooding. The SuDS is an important way of managing flows in the catchment. This is a key part of reducing the risk of flooding in the long term.

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