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COOP Interpretation Center & Incubator




The old mill located in the city of Anderlecht has been transformed into an interpretation centre and incubator for small and medium enterprises. This reconversion has been done in the light of cultural and social sustainability aspects that resulted in not just a preservation of a heritage but an introduction of social value and new programs.
Architects adopted an innovative and sustainable restoration approach that is shaped around the cultural aspects, sustainability, ecological recycling and adaptive reuse. Introduced programs are considered as open to change projects that do not have stable and fixed connections with the particular spaces or buildings. Time is the main element shaping the context. Focusing on “time” rather than “space” in the design process provided flexibility and permanent adjustability to the project. Furthermore, the project is designed to be highly integrated with the local and supra-local levels of the neighbourhood and the city.

The new centre has an open layout that could adapt various programs. Two existing buildings with flexible spaces are connected with the light shell that provides circulation and services for the centre. The ground floor connected to the neighbourhood has an open plan structure and mainly accommodated reception and administration spaces. Intermediate layers used by small and medium enterprises and treated with minimal interventions. The rooftop level is a multipurpose panoramic space with a cafeteria, auditorium and spacious rooftop garden.

The interpretation centre has an extensive media library, hosts exhibitions, workshops and other events that keep alive the past and future aspects of the heritage.

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